The easiest way for users to connect domains with your application

Empower your users to configure DNS in seconds

Entri makes it easy for your users to connect a domain
It automatically detects the DNS provider and adds the required records
That’s it! The user’s domain is configured in just seconds
The Universal API for DNS Configurations
Your customers shouldn't need to understand DNS to set up a website, deliver emails, or power a web application.
DNS: The silent killer of your support team’s bandwidth
Companies experience needlessly high churn and support tickets due to the complexities of correctly setting up DNS records.
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Reduce Churn
Reduce churn and increase product upgrades by onboarding users faster with Entri.
Minimize Support Tickets
87% of users that read support documents about DNS records end up submitting a ticket anyway.
One API. Countless DNS Providers.
Unlock the internet
for everyone
We cover 75% of the market and counting. Browse the full documentation here.
Add Entri to your application
in under 30 minutes
Configure Entri for your application
Determine what DNS records you require and customize the Entri modal to match your brand.
Install Entri on
your application
Installation takes just
minutes and only requires a few
lines of Javascript.